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SpyPoint FLEX G-36 Trail Camera


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SpyPoint FLEX G-36 Trail Camera

Prepare to have your hunting game taken to the next level with the SpyPoint® FLEX G-36 Trail Camera – the ultimate wingman for capturing Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets. This bad boy doesn’t just blend in with the woods; it practically becomes one with them.

Ever wish your camera was as flexible as a yoga instructor? Well, this one’s got it covered! With its 36MP image capturing prowess and 1080p video wizardry, it’s like having a wildlife paparazzi right in your backyard. And let’s not forget the sound – because sometimes, the wind rustling through the leaves needs its moment in the spotlight too!

It’s like your camera grew a sixth sense – the cellular connectivity knows which network is the hippest in town, ensuring your pics get delivered faster than a raccoon snatching your trail mix. Speaking of snatching, with a detection range of up to 100 feet and a flash that’ll make deer jealous, you’ll be the Spielberg of the forest.

So, whether you’re a tech-savvy tracker or just want to up your game, the SpyPoint® FLEX G-36 is your ticket to capturing the wild, the weird, and the “did you see that?!” moments. Get ready to uncover the great outdoors – one snapshot at a time!



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