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The hunting community lacked a price comparison website. WRO worked with developers to access the price APIs for all the most popular hunting gear retailers to bring you RetrievD.

My name is Jeff Morton and I love the outdoors. Hunting and fishing and being outdoors has always gone hand in hand with family, friends and good times.

In the fall you can find me hanging deer stands and trail cameras with my dad. In the spring you can find me calling turkey in for my sons. In the summer you can me fishing with my wife. Being outdoors is a way of life.

Did you know there are roughly 16 MILLION hunting license holders in the US?

Did you know they spent $1 BILLION to secure these licenses and permits?

Avg on Gear

Investing in quality hunting gear is just part of the process. Many of use choose to invest in more expensive brands because we know they will last through years in the field.

The monetary investment can be substantial. Saving money and searching for deals is something all hunters have become familiar with.

In the summer of 2022 I decided to purchase a new single pin sight for my compound bow. I started my research process the same way I always do when investing in new gear. I began by asking my friends. This helps me create a shortlist of brands and models.

I then take this short list to internet and begin reading reviews and searching comments on forums. This is the dirty part of trying to weed through the fake reviews that are just trying to get a small commissioning for lying to you in a review.

This may take several days but I finally have boiled it down to my final decision. I decided a Spot Hogg Godfather would be my new single pin sight. This model averages around $300 from most major suppliers.

That’s when I realized a low price search engine did not exist for hunting gear.

RetrievD was born. The idea is not unique and similar sites exist in areas like travel, hotels and computers.

Weeks later and lots of $$$ and late nights have gotten us to where we are currently. Development and innovation are occurring daily and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Where Do We Get Our Prices

Our prices come directly from our retailer partners. RetrievD does not modify or have any influence over these prices. Our website simply searches the many retailers and provides the various options to our visitors.

Who Owns RetrievD

RetrievD is privately owned by my family. We do not get paid for product listing or placements. We have also never accepted money to influence product reviews. RetrievD does participate in affiliate programs with some of the retail partners listed on this site. RetrievD may receive a referral fee if you purchase products through our referral link.

These referral fees help us with operational cost associated with hosting this site and keeping this service and content free of charge to the public.

Thanks for stopping by;

Jeff Morton

Our Valued Partners

We appreciate our hunting gear retail partners. These goliaths represent the strongest brands in the industry. Exceptional customer service is a trademark and we trust each retailer to meet the expectations for all the RetrievD users.

Deliver Value and Savings

There are millions of phony websites. They are easy to recognize with terribly written reviews about products the author has never even used. These sites are created to generate affiliate revenue with no hope or intent of actually helping YOU. RetrievD is completely different. RetrievD was created to save the average outdoorsman a bunch of money on their next hunting gear purchase.

The Outdoor Business

Whiskey River Outdoors has been providing outdoor content to hunters since 2006. We are always looking for the next product or the next service that is going to be a game changer in the hunting world. RetrievD is going to the be the website that all deer, duck and turkey hunters are talking about in 2023.

WRO LLC is very much a family business. Family is very important to us and the reason we strive to improve ourselves and bring you great services like RetrievD

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The Retrievd staff work tirelessly to bring you the most up to date product reviews for the hottest hunting gear. More importantly we are bringing the best prices available for all the hottest hunting gear.